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Bansleys leading minor car body repair specialist, depending on the depth of the scratch we can offer a polishing service or a local paint repair. The polishing process would involve using a very fine flatting paper to remove the scratch.

Car scratches and scrapes in the paintwork can be horrible things to happen to your vehicle. No matter how they occur, scratches and paint damage are unsightly. They can drive down the resale value of your car and untreated scratches can lead to further damage at a later date. Left unrepaired, scratches can lead to exposing the body of the car, escalating into potential rust problems later on down the line.

By getting your car scratch repaired you can make sure you not only solve the immediate problems of unsightly damage, but you can also avoid additional costs in the future.

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The great news is that we are able to help you remove any minor dents and scratches from your car, no matter how deep they are. Whether the scratch is just light and in the clearcoat layer of the car’s surface, or whether the scratch permeates the base coat or primer.

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